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Catharina Ersdotter

Catharina was born in 1773, on October 26, on Kaggbols properties in Dannemora parish, Uppsala county. She was the first child to the miner Eric Löf and his wife Maria Smedberg.

In the year 1797, Cathatina and her sister took places as maidservants in Ekeby in Lena parish. Catharina returned to Dannemora in September 1799. She had earlier in the summer married the minehand and widower Jan Gisselberg from Gisselby in Dannemora parish.

Catharina, who in the churchbooks is called Cajsa, moved to her husband in Gisselby, where their children were born. Their first child was a daughter, named Britta Stina, born in 1801. She died, only two years old, in 1803. Their second child was born in 1804 and named Eric. Eric, though, never had the chanse to see his father, because Jan Gisselberg died during the Fall in 1803. Catharina now had to take care of her child on her own.

Four years later she married once again, this time to the minehand Anders Moberg who moved to her in Gisselby. In the next year their only child was born, a daughter, Maria, on December 30, 1809.

Catharina lived in Gisselby until her death on May 7, 1827, She was only 54 years old when she died.

Children to her first husband, Jan Gisselberg, in his first marriage:
  • Johan, * 31 May 1786, Dannemora.
  • Stina Lisa, * 8 April 1791, Dannemora.

    Children with her first husband, Jan Gisselberg:

  • Britta Stina, * 23 March 1801, Dannemora. † 1803, Dannemora.
  • Eric, * 19 February 1804, Dannemora.

    Children with her second husband, Anders Moberg:

  • Maria, * 30 December 1809, Dannemora.

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