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Anders Nilsson

He was born at the farm Nolsjö in Nedre Ulleruds parish, Värmlands county, on December 2 1755. His parents were the farmer Nils Bengtsson and his wife Britta Månsdotter.

In 1772 he moved to the farm Prästbråten in the same parish, to work as a farmhand. Here he stayed for two years and then he returned home again. Later the same year, in the year 1774 and as noted in the churchbooks, he moved to Köla parish, Värmlands county, and to work at Eds watermill. He returned home in 1777.

Four years later, in 1781 he moved again. This time he moved to Alsters parish, Värmlands county, and the farm Bjurerud, to work as a farmhand for the farmer Olof Bengtsson. Anders was at that time 26 years old.

At that time a lot of people were living at the farm Bjurerud. One of them was Olof Bengtssons granddaughter Cajsa Jonsdotter, who was eight years old the year Anders started working there. Anders stayed for many years as a farmhand at Bjurerud and later, on December 28 1788, he married Cajsa. Anders was 33 years old at that time and Cajsa was 15.

Later Anders took over the farm Bjurerud and he lived there until he died, 55 years old, in April 1810. He was buried on April 20. By that time he had been a widdower for 10 years.

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