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Bengt Jansson

Bengt was born on September 18 1792 on the farm Höjen in Eds parish, Värmlands county. He was the first child to the farmer Jan Bengtsson and his wife Kjerstin Andersdotter.

He was still living at home when he, on December 26 1815, married the maid Maria Andersdotter from one of the farms in Kollerud in the same parish. After the wedding his wife Maria moved to Bengt in Höjen.

In 1817 they moved to Marias fahters farm in Kollerud and the following year to the farm Ängerud in the same parish. They lived in Ängerud until 1826. The same year his wifes father Anders Christophersson died and they moved back to Kollerud where they took over the farm.

He lived in Kollerud for the rest of his life. Bengt died on April 15 1854, 62 years old. He died from consumption and was buried on April 30.

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