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Christina Olsdotter

She was born on September 12 1832 on the croft Pettersburg in Ånimskogs parish, Älvsborgs county. She was the fourth child of the crofter and carpenter Olof Nilsson and his wife Stina Bryngelsdotter.

Five years old, in 1837, she moved with her family to the farm Skållebyn in the same parish.

In 1850, 18 years old, she left home and stared working as a maid. First on the farm Myra in the same parish. Two years later, in 1852, she moved to Tösse parish and the farm Topperud.

In 1854 she moved to the city Åmål. In Åmål she worked as a maid on the farm Norra Grund where her sister Johanna was married. There was also their brother Fredrik working as a farm hand in 1854-55.

In 1856 she moved to the farm Hasserås in Mo parish. The following year, on October 20 1857, she moved to Eds parish and the farm Buda.

In Buda she met her husband to be, the farmhand, Gustaf Andersson. They married on November 7 1857 in Eds church. After the wedding they stayed on Buda for the next 18 years. On Buda their first five children were born.

On May 22 1876 the family moved to the croft Karlslund under Stensberg in Bro parish, Värmlands county.

In 1877 all her sons still lived at home. First to leave his parents was Axel who moved back to Eds parish in 1884. He was to work as a farmhand. The following year, 1885, Anders Fredrik moved to marry to Hammarö, Värmlands county. In 1887 Karl Johan moved to the city of Åmål, Älvsborgs county. In 1888 Gustaf Adolf moved back to Eds parish for a short time. Two years later he married in Hammarö, Värmlands parish, and later moved to Norway. By the end of 1891 only Emil and Herman still lived at home.

In 1892 Axel retured from Eds parish, along with his wife and two children. Axel stayed for two years and then moved back to Eds parish. During 1892 also Gustaf Adolf returned home for a short period.

The family had, in 1896, lived on the croft Karlslund for 20 years. During this period the croft was to belong to Mässvik properties, and under the croft Labbetan. After 1896 the croft was called Labbetan/Stensberg or just Labbetan.

In 1900 only Herman lived at home. He married in 1904 and also his wife moved to Labbetan. In 1910 Herman was the owner of the farm. He was not only a farmer, he also worked as a bricklayer. By that time he had three children.

On December 8 1913 Christina Andersson died at an age of 81. She died from ageweakness.

  • Anders Fredrik, * 14 January 1860, Ed.
  • Karl Johan, * 4 July 1862, Ed.
  • Axel, * 21 January 1866, Ed.
  • Gustaf Adolf, * 20 May 1869, Ed.
  • Emil, * 22 May 1873, Ed.
  • Herman, * 12 July 1877, Bro.

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