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Gustaf Andersson

He was born on July 5th in 1833 on the farm Flisan in Eds parish in Värmlands county. His parents were, Anders Larsson who at that time was working as a the farmhand and later as a crofter, and his wife Maria Jansdotter. Gustaf was youngest of seven children, of which only three were stil at live in 1833.

His oldest brother, Lars, who was deaf and dumb, Lars twin-brother had died in 1819. His sister Anna had died only one year old in 1822. His brothers Johannes, born in 1823, and Olle, born in 1826. His brohter Anders, who had died only five years old in 1833, one month before Gustaf was born. Anders was like their oldest brother deaf and dumb.

Gustaf was during 1833 or 1834 vaccineted for smallpox, according to notations in the church books. Here you can also read that he was confirmanated in 1848.

As his father worked as farm-servant, the family had to move around to different farm to find a place to work. From the year that Gustaf was born until he stared working as a farmhand in 1851, the family satyed on four different farms in Eds parish. This way not be som many farms, but before Gustaf was born his father had worked on many more farms. During his fathers time as a farm-servant, he only worked on farms in Eds parish. In the year 1847 the family moved to the farm W Långviken under Ekholmen where his father became crofter. His time as a farm-servant was over.

18 years old, in 1851, Gustaf left his parents to work as a farmhand. First on the farm Jöpefjäll and the following year on Ekholmen. On Ekholmen he first worked for Manf. Fredrik Wilhelm Brandt, and later for the farm foreman Carl Jonsson and finally for the crofter Anders Persson on Grantorp under Ekholmen. On Grantorp he stayed the years 1852 - 1857. After 1857 he started working as a farm-servant at Buda. Here he also met his former wife, the maid Christina Olsdotter, who had moved to Buda the same year.

On September 10 in the year of 1858, the farmhand Gustaf Andersson and the maid Christina Olsdotter from Buda had their banns of marriage published. Later that year, on November 7, they were married in Eds church by S Hunerson. Wittnes were Jonas Clason and Cajsa Pärsdotter from Bro parish.

The family came to stay at Buda for the next 18 years. Here was also their first five children born, all sons. Anders Fredrik, born on January 14 1860, Karl Johan, born on July 4 1862, Axel, born January 21 1866, Gustaf Adolf, born May 20 1869 and Emil, born May 22 1873.

On July 22 in 1876 the family moved from Buda in Eds parish to the croft Karlslund under Stensberg in Bro parish. Gustaf had by this time left his work as a farm-servant and become a crofter. The following year, 1877, their sixth and last child was born on July 12, their son Herman.

By that time all the children still lived at home. It wa first in 1884 they started to to find a place to work for themselves. In 1884 Axel moved back to Eds parish. The following year Anders Fredrik married on Hammarö and then moved from his parents. In 1887 Karl Johan moved to the city of Åmål. Gustaf Adolf moved in 1888 to Eds parish, but just for a short period. Two years later he married on Hammarö and then moved on to Norway. By the end of 1891 only Emil and Herman were still living at home.

In the year 1892 Axel returned to Eds parish. Now with a wife and two children. Axel and his family stayed for two years, them they moved on to Eds parish. Under 1892 also Gustaf Adolf returned home, but just for a short period.

Gusat had in 1896 been a crofter at Karlslund for 20 years. During this period the farm had become to belong to Mässvik and under Labbetan. From now on the croft was named Labbetan/Stensberg or just Labbetan.

On December 8 1913 his wife Christina died at an age of 81. She died från "ageweakness". One and a half year later, on June 10 1915, Gustaf died. He became 82 years old. They both lived until their death on the croft Labbetan/Stensberg in Bro parish in Värmlands county. They lived and worked there for nearly 40 years.

Descendants to Gustaf Andersson och Christina Olsdotter.

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